What We Haul & Don’t Haul

What We Haul

Appliances: Stoves, Refrigerators, Microwaves, Dish Washers, Washer/Dryer, Kitchen Sets, Tables, Chairs, Etc.
Computers, Monitors, Modems, Printers, Copiers, etc.
Household Items: Furnaces, Hot Water Heaters, Office Furniture, TV’s, Tables, Chairs, Beds, Bureaus, Dressers, Box Spring, Mattress, Night Stands, Coffee Tables, Love seats, Recliners, Couches, Desks, Office Equipment, Sofas, Gym Equipment, Swing Sets, Slides, Playground Sets, Clothing, Linens, Fabrics, Rugs, Vinyl Flooring, Windows, Doors, Counter tops, Tile, Bathroom Fixtures: Sinks, Toilets, Bathtubs, Tub Enclosures, Etc.
Books/Magazines/Newspapers/Cardboard Recreational Equipment: Bikes, Exercise Equipment, Pool Tables, Swimming Pools, and All Sporting Items Clothing, Linens, and all Fabrics Rugs, Vinyl Flooring, Windows, Doors, Counter tops, Tile
Lawn & Garden Equipment: Outdoor Lawn/Patio Furniture, Lawn Mowers/ Small Tractors, Weed Whackers, Leaf/Snow Blowers, Rotor Tillers, Metal,Wood, & Plastic Sheds, Wood Decks, Tires & Wheels.
Scrap Metal, Firewood, Lumber, old Wood Piles, and most Construction Material. General Trash and Garbage

What We Don’t Haul

We can’t haul any kinds of wet paints (We do haul dry paint), chemicals, Liquids, pressure treated wood, florescent bulbs, propane / oxygen tanks, or anything else deemed hazardous waste.

We do not haul large amounts of dirt or cement at this time. We can haul small amounts of dirt or cement.


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